New Hijabie

Journal of a new fashion egyptian hijabi

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In honor of the Instagram community growing to 100 million people actively sharing their lives through photos each month, we asked you to tell us your Instagram stories through the hashtag #InstagramMeansToMe. We were humbled and overwhelmed by all of your submissions, and we wish there were a way to showcase every one of the many messages we loved. Click the photos above to see the stories behind them.

For more stories, read what Instagram means to some of the people who have helped shape the community into what it is today: @awnoom, @chrisozer, @cubbygraham, @cucinadigitale, @idafrosk, @lauralawson, @moneal, @robinmay, @thiswildidea, @twheat.

And to see what Instagram means to us, check out the submissions from the Instagram team: @kevin, @josh, @jayzombie, @dantoffey, @grex, @ryangomba, @amy.

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Spotlight: Moscow (Москва)

Spotlight Since launching, we’ve seen Instagram spread from our headquarters in the Bay Area to every corner of the globe. In this series we’ll highlight top users from countries and cities with thriving Instagram communities.

Moscow is known for its extravagant side. The Russian capital is the most expensive in the world: home to the most billionaires, the costliest cups of coffee and—opening in the next few months—the biggest building in Europe. But Moscow is also experiencing a creative explosion, evident in the growing number of talented Instagrammers from the city.

Want to see Moscow for yourself? We’ve gathered together a group of exceptional Instagrammers who are snapping pictures from the heart of it all. Be sure to follow them:

  • Ilya Mikhaylov, frozen moments from travels with friends — @russian_moscow
  • Roman Palchenkov, media producer with an eye for angles — @palchenkov
  • Julia Panina, snowscapes and cozy indoor scenes — @myatna
  • Katia Mi, art director with crisp, minimalist still lifes — @katia_mi